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Do You Want to be Supa Clean?!

Pink Zebra is getting on the antibacterial product train with our Supa Clean product line. You have heard about our new liquid antibacterial soaps. Here is a video update from company founder, Tom Gaines, on the availability of those soaps. We are also working on another antibacterial product that will be coming out soon as Tom mentions in the video. So now is an amazing time to sign up and join Pink Zebra to help us sell these products and get the word out to people who need them.

We have had an overwhelming demand in this new product line. The first batch that we made available sold out in 24 hours and that was with a buying limit. They will be restocked as soon as possible.

These products are designed to kill 99.9% of germs. They are free of sulfates, phosphates and made with non-drying alcohol. They are ph-balanced to match the ph of your skin... and are made of blend of mild soap and essential oils. They will leave your hands soft and Supa Clean!

Watch this video for the latest update on this product line:

Video Update on Pink Zebra from Founder Tom Gaines

You can visit my website to check available of these soaps


f you want to sell antibacterial products and get a discount on those products, join my team at

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