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I Want to Sell Pink Zebra ... Now What?

How to get started selling Pink Zebra...

So you want to be a Pink Zebra Consultant but don't know what that looks like or where to start.

Being a consultant for Pink Zebra is a fun job! If you love Pink Zebra's products, then you must sign up to be a consultant. Even if you don't end up selling a whole lot, you still will get amazing discounts on all the products that make it so worth it.

Plus, you will get this amazing starter kit that worth like over $500 for under $200. So buy the kit! There is no commitment. They don't lock you into anything. It is really a no brainer.

But here are the details on being a Pink Zebra consultant...

You purchase a kit by going to the Pink Zebra website. It is such a minimal investment to start your own business. You get a ton of product plus catalog, order forms, brochures, and all you need to get started. The kits come in two sizes and you choose. One is $129 and the other is $199. They look like this...

When you sign up you will need to sign up under a specific consultant's website or choose a consultant to be in your upline.

Just know that you should try to choose someone who is excited about their business and that will help you grow yours. Don't just choose some random person who may or may not be selling and passionate about their business. You won't get much out of that person as far as help and inspiration.

After you purchase this amazing kit... you will get it on your doorstep in about a week. They ship them super fast because they know you are excited to get started!

Many consultants will reveal their kit on their Facebook pages to their friends and family to let them know about their new business venture and show them all the great stuff they will be selling.

You have your kit. You have smelled all of the over 60 fragrance that came with your what?

This is where your upline comes in handy... they will help you get started. Most consultants will make a Facebook business page and a Facebook group where they will add their friends and showcase their products. They use the Sprinkles that came in their kit to give samples to anyone who wants to try the products and then people will start buying!

Then it is up to you to maintain those customers with rock star customer service!

This can be a real business if you choose to make it one and real money can be made. But it won't happen overnight. Just like any other business, it will take hard work, determination, perseverance, and a never quit attitude.

You have the opportunity to host home parties, Facebook parties, and Blend Bash parties that will get you and your hostesses free and half off items.

You will be able to purchase all Pink Zebra products with your consultant discount which is 25-35%. That's huge! And then you can sell it for retail price and keep the profit for yourself. Or just keep the product for yourself.

You will have the opportunity to work the 90 day quick start program where you can earn over $500 worth of stock in your first 90 days!

Many consultants have vendor events and set up a booth at fairs, Christmas shows, carnivals, and festivals. This is a great place to share your products. People love this stuff and there is no better way to let them smell all of it than at an event.

You will get your own website where anyone can order from... and you will have a "back office" with all the tools and resources you need to run your business. There is a monthly website fee of $11.99. This is very normal for the industry. And this is on the low end compared to others. You get so much out of having that website that it pays for itself 10x's over. It is so worth it.

You will be able to share your love of Pink Zebra and get other people to sell it also which will earn you extra money!

You can build a team, build a business, build an empire if you choose! It is all up to you.

Pink Zebra is an amazing company. It is owned by a husband and wife team, Tom and Kelly Gaines, who really care about their consultants. The consultants become like family to each other.

If you want to check out the join kits or are interested in signing up... go to my website to the page that showcase the kits... here it is~

If you have any questions... feel free to contact me via my website~

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