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Is Direct Sales for You?

Do you enjoy meeting people and sharing your love of great products, places, and things with those people? Do you have a favorite restaurant and tell people about it all the time? Maybe you have a great little shop that you frequent in your town. And you tell your friends about that great shop. Direct sales is not different. You find a company that has a product you love. Then you share it with the world!

There are so many amazing benefits of being a direct sales consultant. Here are just a few:

  • Increased Income

    • Use the extra income to pay for a vacation, dance classes, your mortgage! It is so nice to have that extra income to pay for things.

  • Be Your Own Boss

    • Who does not want to be their own boss? This is possibly the biggest perk in my opinion. You do it your way!

  • Flexible Schedule

    • You can work whatever hours you want. And if you want to take a 3 week vacation to Hawaii then you can do it and have nobody to answer to.

  • Work from Home

    • Work in your jammies if you want. If you have small children, you can work from home and keep your kids home with you.

  • Friendships

    • You will meet so many people within your company. You will meet people as you share your business.

  • Incentives

    • Every company has incentives. You can earn extra cash, trips, prizes! Pink Zebra had a trip to Ireland recently!

  • Tax Benefits

    • You can write off items on your taxes, such as a home office and cell phone.

  • Discounts on Products

    • As a consultant you will get discounts on the products you love! I get 35% on my Pink Zebra products every month.

There is typically very little risk. You might need to pay a small price for a kit and a small monthly fee for a website, but that is usually the only cost.

If these things appeal to you, then you should give it a try!


have been a Pink Zebra Manger for over 6 years and love selling Sprinkles!


Shelly Cressler

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