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Make Money from Home Selling Pink Zebra

Updated: May 30, 2020

Being able to work from home is a blessing right now. With so much opportunity to sell right from the comfort of your home on the internet, many people are still making money. And right now there are so many people buying online that these people are making more money than ever.

Consultants get sales by creating VIP groups online for their customers. They create a website so they show up in a Google search. They have online parties through Facebook, where the host can earn a ton of free product. They do "Lives" which are live demonstrations selling the products they have in stock. There are so many ways to make money online these days. You just need a good quality product that people will want to buy.

Why Pink Zebra?

Pink Zebra is one of the best direct sale companies out there. It is owned by a husband and wife team, Tom and Kelly Gaines, who spent years working making candles for the big companies, such as Bath and Body Works and Pier One. Now they developed their own line of products and started their own direct sales companies. Pink Zebra products do well in a situation where they can be demonstrated. Having individual consultants representing the company through the USA and Canada is an amazing way to share the quality of the product. It also helps people, like me and you, to make money and be a part of this great company!

People are spending so much time in their homes that they want it look, feel, and smell good! They are purchasing more candles and scented products than you can imagine. People are also signing up to sell in greater numbers because they need extra cash in their pockets. So now is the most amazing time join and sign people up and create a team that will sell under you. You will manage this team and in return get a percentage of their sales. The bigger and more successful the team, the more money you will make! It is in your hands. The opportunity is yours for the taking.


Pink Zebra Sprinkles

Sprinkles are Pink Zebra's signature scented wax melts. They are made with Softsoy, a blend of soy and paraffin wax. They perform way better than other wax products on the market. They are clean, consistent, and healthier. If you have ever used other products you will notice a dirty residue on the bottom of the melting dish. You will not get bad chemicals in these wax melts. So you can rest assured that you are selling a quality healthy product to your customers. That is the one thing that I always need to know before I share a product. Is it safe for me and my clients? And the answer is yes for Pink Zebra.

These little Sprinkles come in over sixty fragrances. These fragrance can be combined to create an endless number of scents. The website has a BlendBar on it where you can create and name your very own signature fragrance! How fun is that?!

Visit the BlendBar here...

Sprinkles come in two sizes, a 9 ounce jar or 16 ounce carton. You can sell them individually or create your own jars with a mix of scents to sell. These are perfect to sell at a vendor event like a Christmas show because they display beautifully and people can fill their own jars creating their own unique fragrance. However, for now we are selling from home. And our online BlendBar is the perfect way for customers to play around and experience with a combination of different fragrances.

These Sprinkles are tiny but pack a big punch. You only need the tiniest bit and the scent will travel through your home. People love this because it saves them money on melts. For the people who buy wax melts, they buy a lot. A lot of our customers are what we call fragrance fanatics, including myself! They are constantly buying wax melts. If my wax is better than other wax, then it lasts longer too, and that is value to the customer.

These Sprinkles get melted in a Simmer Pot or a Simmer Light. We carry a beautiful array of all kinds of warmers for you to decorate your home. I will explain those in a bit.


Pink Zebra Soaks

Soaks are liquid fragrance bottles that can be used virtually anywhere! They are safe for the skin and the environment. They come with a squirter or a sprayer. It is clear liquid that comes in an array of fragrance choices. They can be combined or stand alone. They can be squirted or sprayed in your car, on your carpet, on your body! And that is only a few places. My favorite place to use them is on our Just Add Soaks (JAS) product line. You can purchase products like wooden reeds and decorative products, such as the heart shown above. These can be displayed around your home and then you squirt the Soaks on them and Voila! You have a great way to freshen up a space with a nice scent. Make your own car freshener with our Hang Its. They come fragrance free in a little bag and all you do is give it a few squirts and you have customized car freshener.


Simmer Pots

Simmer Pots are little electric pots that will melt your Sprinkles at optimal heat. People love these and use them to decorate their homes. We have colors and styles for all tastes. The younger generation loves these for their bedrooms. Remember the days of burning dangerous candles in your bedroom as a teenager? I do! No more. Now they can use these safe Simmer Pots and have their rooms smell like fresh strawberries. These make amazing gifts for people of all ages. Just choose a style that they would like. The little dish on top gets a couple tablespoons of Sprinkles, flip on the switch, and wait a few minutes for the magic to happen. Throw a little vanilla in with your strawberry to create a scent that I will call strawberry vanilla popsicle. How fun!

Simmer lights

These warmers double as lights that create atmosphere in a room. They have a little dish on top where you put your Sprinkles. They come in all different colors. These can be customized with the season. Which means you do not need to change your entire warmer when a different holiday arrives. Just add one of our decorative shades over top to create the look you want. We have one for every season and holiday. So people will purchase multiple decorative shades and then just switch with them out with the season, but use the same light/warmer base.


Antibacterial Soap

We now carry antibacterial liquid hand soap! This a great way to help your community. This stuff is hard to come by, but we have made six different scents of high quality liquid soap for customers. We will be making hand sanitizer soon too. With the coronavirus being around people are buying antibacterial products in record numbers. We had the ability to make these products and the FDA approved our facility. We are now on the essential

companies list and making these amazing products. No better time to join and help us sell!


We love making candles out of our Sprinkles! You can make candles and burn them just like a regular candle. We make and sell the wicks and the candle glass. Many people set up candle bars at their weddings. You can get into that industry if you want. In fact, a Pink Zebra candle bar was shown on the TLC Show Four Weddings! Sometimes the bride and group will come up with a scent recipe customized for their special day. They set up a beautiful candle bar table and the guests make a candle and take it home as their wedding favor. Brilliant! Right?


This is what the kit looks like when you join. It is packed with amazing products that are worth three times the amount you pay. We sell these for a way low price and we as consultants do not make money when someone joins and purchases this kit. It is marked down low so that you can afford to join us and you get this wonderful kit that has everything you need to sell Pink Zebra.

Join Pink Zebra and my team! I have a large team of consultants who I love! I want to help you be successful. Direct sales is more popular now that we all need work from home opportunities. You get an amazing website when you join where people can go and place their orders and you get commission on those orders. You don't have to do anything as long as you are sharing your business with people. Once they try it, they will keep buying the wax and the reusable products for their homes. It is a fun, exciting, and quality product with a huge market.

Check out our join kits here

Shop my website here

Love and Blessings to Everyone!


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