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What is it Like to be a Pink Zebra Consultant?

Do you enjoy working in your PJs? Do you like working on your own terms and being your own boss? Do you love candles, fragrance, and FUN products that smell good? Have you always loved buying candles or wax from Yankee Candle, Bath and Body Works, and Scentsy? Do you like making unlimited money?

Then being a Pink Zebra Consultant is ABSOLUTELY for you! In fact... it is a no brainer.

Seriously, if you spend your money buying candles and wax of any brand, then you should be signed up with Pink Zebra and BUY FROM YOURSELF! Get discounts, earn money, and share your favorite products with the world. Why give your money to other companies when you can own your own wax and warmers business and get commission and discounts?

This job is so much FUN!! This is what I do on a daily basis...

I wake up and grab a cup of coffee.

Plop down in front of my computer and pull up my Pink Zebra back office.

Sip my coffee while I check out my overnight internet sales and my team sales.

I see who on my team is ready to promote and make sure it happens.

I go through all our specials and key some orders.

I key my home party orders and choose all the FREE stuff I want to get for myself!

I work on my Pink Zebra website, do some mailings, send some Sprinkle samples.

Go workout.

Set up a few vendor events.

Watch my sales come in on my replicated website provided by the company.

Answer some questions from my team.

Jump up and down for joy when UPS pulls to my house and drops off my PZ boxes!

Tear open my PZ boxes.

Put together some orders to be delivered.

Work on my goals.

And call it a day!

It really is a dream job.

If you have any interest in becoming a Pink Zebra constant, join our growing team by clicking here and choosing a kit...

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